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The Property

The story begins when grandfather Joan Torres came home from Cuba, whence he’d emigrated to find work, and acquired the farmhouse and land, then known as Mas Viñas.

Philoxera had ravaged the vineyards leaving only fields and olive groves.

It was Joan Carles’s father, Lluís Torres, who started making wine again, in the old cellar, now the tasting room. Lluís planted about 15 hectares of vines, all in Grenache, in part worked by himself, in part by townspeople. His wine was made in the traditional artisanal manner and sold in bulk out of the family home in Figueres.

Over the years Lluís stopped making wine and sold his grapes to a large producer. Then, in 2006, upon inheriting the property, Joan Carles and Barbara decided to move in with the idea of enhancing the property’s environmental, scenic and cultural heritage.

The land is located between 90m and 100m above sea level and now covers an 80-hectare patchwork of vineyards, meadows, olive groves, cork oak forests and scrubland.

The landscape is marked by large granite formations called plutons, by the Estanys de la Gutina (seasonal ponds protected by the Natura 2000 network), three dolmens (the Gutina, Tires Llargues and Prat Tancat) and the Murtra menhir.

A signposted walking or cycling route offers visitors the opportunity to discover our vineyards and the other little wonders our land harbours – with all leisure your holidays merit!

Map of the property with a segnalized road to visit the megalithics monuments and the vinyerds.