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Vintage Solera 2009
Production we bottle 200 bottles a year
Grape varieties Grenache rouge and Grenache noir
Harvesting Manual harvest with crates and manual grape selection.
Harvest Dates Late, when grapes are just over-ripe
Vinification No sulphites added for conservation. No clarifying, filtering or corrections of the wine at any point in the process.  Blend of boiled and fresh juice. Fermentation stops naturally. No alcohol added. Aged with “solera”.

Analytic data
Alcohol 12,94%VOL
Total acidity 3,63 g/l
Volatile acidity 0,92 g/l
PH 3,64
Residual sugar 157,4 g/l
Total sulphur <10 mg/l
Free sulphur <7 mg/l

Vineyards vinya del camí Espolla (0.50ha) – vinya de la Sureda (2.00ha)
Soil type granitic sand
Exposition north-south
Altitude 90 metres
Rootstock Ruggeri 140Pruning system goblet – guyot
Year planted 1961
Vine spacing 2,4×1,25 metres
Treatments Bordeaux mixture – sulphur powder
Fertilization /