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Cellar and Wines

We work 8 hectares of vines, of which 3 hectares were planted between 1953 and 1968.

The vines are located between 90m and 100m above sea level, within the DO (Appellation) Empordà. The climate is Mediterranean with mild temperatures in winter and summer. Another characteristic of the local climate is a strong wind known as the tramuntana, which can blow at any time of the year. The average annual rainfall is 600 ml. The soil is granite sand (sauló) with some quartzite slate. All of our cultivated land is unirrigated and quite flat.

The work in the vineyards is mainly by hand: pre-pruning, pruning, green pruning, promoting healthy growth by propping up old goblets, trimming off dead wood, and raising and lowering shoots on trellises. We work the soil in the oldest vineyards by hand and the younger ones tenderly with the tractor. We enrich the soil with organic fertilizer and by seeding grasses and legumes. To combat pests, we use Bordeaux mixture and sulphur powder and every year we try to combine them with alternative and natural treatments.

We make our wines only with grapes from our vineyards, hand-picked in the early morning and collected in 13kg crates to be transported to the cave.

We decide ourselves when to harvest and how to treat the must from our vineyards, without the aid of outside experts or oenologists. We make all our wines without any interference in the processes of fermentation and ageing. This means that the wine ferments naturally with its own naturally-occurring yeast, and no oenological additive is introduced at any point in the process. We work in the vineyard with the aim of obtaining ripe, healthy grapes, the essential prerequisites for producing natural wines.

Our wines contain no added sulphites, and we don’t filter, clarify or practice any other sort of oenological corrections or interference.

All our wines are certified by CCPAE (organic agriculture watchdog in Catalonia). [link] They are made according to the guidelines of the PVN – Spanish association of natural wine producers.